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Can easily work, live and study in Australia under the guidance of the Government Approved Immigration Lawyers and Consultants. The NB Visa World Pvt Ltd is the best Australia Immigration Consultants in Gujarat and total solution for all your requirement is provided by our company.


The benefits of immigration to Australia are stated below.

  •   Have a vibrant city lifestyle
  •   It has diversified culture
  •   Atmosphere and weather is very pleasant for living.
  •   Have better health care facilities.
  •   Have world best university.
  •   More job opportunities
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The different types of visa are required for immigrating Australia and can choose them depending upon the requirements and qualification of individual and all major types of visa are mentioned below.

Business Migration Visa
Australia immigration visa service

Business Migration Visa

  •   Business Innovation and Investment
  •   Business Visitor Visa
  •   Business Talent Migrant
General skilled Migration
Australia immigration visa service

General skilled Migration

  •   Skilled Sponsored Visa
  •   Skilled Independent Visa
  •   Skilled Graduate Visa
  •   Skilled Regional Visa
  •   Skilled Nominate Visa
Employer Sponsored Visa
Australia immigration visa service

Employer Sponsored Visa

  •   Temporary Business Sponsorship
  •   Employer Nomination Scheme
  •   Regional Sponsored Migration Scheme

The different types of visa required different requirement. If you are planning to immigrate to Australia, we have our franchise in more than 100 countries and also add your name to our success story. We are the No 1 Australia Immigration Consultants in Ahmedabad, Gujarat and the total for this immigration is provided by our company.

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