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It’s a dream of many individual to settle down in the United States of America. And, we have been working hard for more than 29 years as the USA immigration Consultants in Gujarat. Our company believes in transparent working methodology and we have our portal on which the progress of your application can be easily tracked.


The stated below are the benefits of the choosing USA for staying.

  •   Pleasant atmosphere and natural beauty.
  •   Stable government rule.
  •   Better living atmosphere.
  •   More job opportunities.
  •   Safe and secure for living
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The Visa like Business Visa / B1 Visa for USA immigration, Visitor Visa / B2 Visa for USA immigration, EB 5 investor Visa, Dependent Visa, Work permit Visa, etc. The NB Visa World Pvt Ltd provides the complete solution to the clients who plan to immigrate in any part of America and we have highly professional team that are great expertise at their work.

If, you are planning to immigrate the USA and have any query or requirements, than contact us for more information.

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