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The different types of Visa required in order to immigrate to the United Kingdom are stated below.

 Travel Visa

The visa likes Marriage Visitor Visa and the Permitted Paid Engagement Visa comes under the UK Travel Visa.

 Family Visa

The visas like the UK Parent Visa, UK Spouse Visa and the UK Child Visa comes under the categories of UK Family Visa.

 Visitor Visa

 Work Visa and Business Visa

The visas like Investor Visa Tier 1, Entrepreneur Visa Tier 1, Graduate Entrepreneur Visa Tier 1 falls under the category of UK Business Visa and UK Work Visa.

 Transit Visa

The Transit Visa like Visitor in Transit Visa, Direct Airside Transit Visa (DATV) is required in UK.

 Settlement Visa

 Study Visa

The Tier 4 Student Visa for child, Tier 4 Student Visa General, Short Term Study visa, etc. are required if you are planning for studying in UK.

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